Gorilla Guard Absorbent and Leak Proof Disposable Puppy Pads

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  • 5 LAYER CONSTRUCTION, HOLDS 6.7 CUPS : quick absorbing, disposable pads absorbs up to 6.7 cups of liquid for ultimate protection against pet mess; ideal for training puppies and senior dogs
  • HEAVY DUTY LEAKPROOF BARRIER: pads feature PE plastic film lining and border that makes them fully leakproof to better contain liquid mess to protect your floors
  • THREE TIMES THE AMOUNT OF INNER ABSORBING LAYERS: 3 times the amount of inner layers to soak up more liquid; 2 wood pulp tissue layers surround a super absorbent polymer layer that turns liquid into gel to help keep the surface of the pad dry
  • QUILTED TOPSIDE PREVENTS TRACKING: soft on paws quilted textured topside helps to capture excess moisture and prevent your pets from tracking liquid mess around your home
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY VALUE PACK: convenient use and easy disposal

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