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GORILLA GRIP Original Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat
  • Incredibly Durable: constructed from premium strength materials, the mat will not break down or compress over time; a superior choice for a home workspace or any busy area where you stand for extended periods of time
  • Extra Thick Foam: .75 inch thick ergonomically engineered mat is made from the highest grade foam to help eliminate pressure and provide superior support over long periods of time; the perfect thickness to help keep you comfortable while still providing the appropriate support and firm rebound
  • Sleek and Functional: textured surface and advanced beveled edge design helps to prevent tripping
  • For Work or Home: a must have item while you’re in the office at your standing desk; also perfect for many areas of your home; use in the laundry room, the kitchen, your workbench and more
  • Easy to Clean: stain resistant material can easily be vacuumed or wiped with a damp cloth for a no hassle clean
  • /!\ WARNING: Prevent Slipping & Tripping – This mat is NOT slip-resistant. Wipe up water that gets on or under mat. If mat edges curl, discontinue use. For indoor use only.
More sizes available
The Original Gorilla Grip Low Profile Rubber Doormat
  • Premium Construction: made of high quality recycled rubber, its ultra durable yet flexible material is great for busy areas, making it a perfect fit for any home or business; the backing is also strong and heavy duty
  • Made Tough: 100 percent waterproof design; the raised fabric helps to trap excess dirt within its grooves while absorbing moisture; perfect for indoors or outdoors
  • Still So Soft: thick and plush material of the mat is so gentle on bare feet, but is strong enough to tackle messes
  • Easy to Clean: simply vacuum, sweep, or shake off any excess dirt outdoors or in your garbage bin; for a deeper clean, spot clean with mild soap and a cold damp cloth, or hose off your mat outdoors; air dry only; do not use bleach
  • Sleek Design: the low profile design of the mat allows nearly any door to pass over with ease; choose the color to best complement your home décor; a great look to any entryway, patio, kitchen, lobby, garage and other common space areas
  • /!\ WARNING: Prevent Falls - Ensure mat lies flat before using.
  • Check floor manufacturer's directions before using to be sure doormat will not harm floor or deck surface or refinished surfaces.
More sizes available
The Original GORILLA GRIP Window Privacy Film
  • Allow Light in While Maintaining Privacy: added 2 way privacy and comfort while still allowing in natural and artificial light; a great alternative to bulky and heavy curtains, shades or blinds
  • Make Any Space Beautiful: add modern elegance to nearly any space in your home or office; use it effectively in kitchen windows or cabinets, bathrooms, front doors and garages, office conference rooms and more; helps prevent UV rays from dulling and aging furniture and floors, while maintaining an elegant look throughout your space, all while helping to keep your home insulated during the cold winter months
  • Reusable: strong, non-adhesive backing, so you can easily remove and re-use the film time and time again; durable backing is designed to stay put on your window until you decide it’s time to take it off; won’t leave residue once removed
  • Easy to Use: so easy to install; to start, clean and measure your window; trim the film into the proper size using a household scissor; next, dampen your window; gently peel off the protective film backing and position the film on the damp window; use your finger to press across the top of the film to allow it to grip.; finally, smooth out the film with your hand or a squeegee, removing all bubbles; film is also easy to clean; wipe down with a damp cloth as needed

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