Puppy running across a Gorilla Grip Rug and Rug Pad.

Founded on Strength and Durability

Founded in 2014 by two working moms and pet owners, Gorilla Grip began with a simple goal: to provide durable and strong products that elevate everyday life. Our co-founders understood the challenges their customers faced and believed that a great product could make all the difference. Through innovation, research and design, we strive to bring high-quality, functional products to busy households.

At Gorilla Grip, integrity is paramount, and we wholeheartedly believe that if it's not good enough for our homes, it's not good enough for yours. Almost a decade ago, Gorilla Grip launched its first product, our best-selling Rug Pad, that remains a favorite among our loyal customers for its strong grip. Since then, we've expanded our product line into many other categories including kitchen, bath, pet, outdoor, and travel.

A person taking a rack of freshly baked cookies out of the oven using Gorilla Grip oven mitts.

Mission Statement

At Gorilla Grip, we focus on enhancing unique "grip" and durability features across many of our product lines. Our mission is simple: to thoughtfully design products that elevate everyday life, focusing on quality, durability, and innovative features that make a difference.

A woman standing on a Gorilla Grip anti-fatigue mat while working at her standing desk.

What Sets Us Apart

Research and Innovation: Research and innovation drive our product development process. We develop each product from the customer’s perspective, aiming to create items that are not only durable and long-lasting but also enhance everyday life. 

Rigorous Testing: We uphold high standards with rigorous testing, guaranteeing the safety and quality of every Gorilla Grip product. Third-party testing and factory compliance help ensure our products are safe, clean, and high-quality.

Consumer Feedback: At Gorilla Grip, customer feedback drives our continuous improvement. We value your input and are constantly refining and updating our products to meet and exceed customer expectations.