The Original GORILLA GRIP 21x21 Shower Mat

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  • NOT ALL SUCTION CUPS ARE CREATED EQUALLY!! Our antibacterial bath and shower mats feature 324 Gorilla Grip suction cups that help to hold in place on smooth surfaces. This mat a great choice for the home, gym, and more. **Please note: NOT INTENDED FOR TEXTURED OR TILED SURFACES**
  • PERFECT SIZE: Our generous sized mats provides excellent coverage on any tub or shower surface. Many other mats are smaller leaving areas of your tub exposed.
  • FEATURES HOLES THROUGHOUT: While other mats are solid creating a slick surface and a moist underside (which can accelerate mold growth), our mat features small holes throughout to allow water to safely circulate.
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL: Antibacterial and Mildew Resistant, BPA Free, Non-Toxic, Phthalate free, Latex Free, No Toxic Smell.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Our durable mat is machine-washable to facilitate hassle-free maintenance. To clean at any time, simply toss the mat into the machine and enjoy its fresh appearance.
  • PRODUCT SPECS: Material: PVC, Anti-Bacterial, Latex-Free, Phthalate free, Non-Toxic, Shower Mat Dimensions: 21 in x 21 in (53 cm x 53 cm)
  • !WARNING: Prevent Falls: Secure suction cups before each use. Mat will only attach to clean, smooth surface. Not for use on textured, tiled, or non-smooth surfaces. Do not use bath oils – may cause slipping.

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