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Home Genie Peel and Stick Adhesive Drawer and Shelf Liner
  • Protects Surfaces: keep your cabinets and drawers looking like new; liners help protect surfaces from everyday wear; avoid hard to clean stains, dirt, scratches and nicks in kitchen cabinets, pantry shelves, bathroom drawers and more
  • Easily Refresh Drawers and Shelves: easily and quickly refresh old surfaces with these heavy duty drawer liners; constructed with an ultra strong adhesive on the backside that firmly sticks to smooth surfaces; plus, peel and stick liners are removable and will not leave a sticky residue
  • Thick Waterproof Vinyl: premium waterproof vinyl provides maximum protection against unwanted stains and messes; vinyl is long lasting and will not bubble at the corners or edges once applied; easy to clean, simply wipe away dirt and spills with a damp sponge
  • Grid Lined Backing: generous sized rolls come in a variety of pre-cut sizes and feature a grid lined backing with measurements for easy trimming; for a custom fit, simply measure, trim, peel and stick; surfaces should be clean, dry, and smooth for best results; do not apply to textured surfaces
  • Multi Purpose Design: versatile liners are the perfect choice for protecting a range of surfaces; ideal for use in the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, laundry room, office, garage; DIY almost any smooth surface with our liners from books to serving trays, crafts and more; available in a variety of beautiful colors to match any décor style
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HOME GENIE Premium Clothes Pins
  • Natural Birchwood: made from durable, 100 percent birchwood, these clothes pins work like magic; each pin is lightweight but holds up to 2 pounds of weight
  • Strong Spring: the pins include galvanized coil springs that are strong and durable; less likely to break or snap
  • Convenient Size: the pins measure 2.87 by .35 by .59 inches; standard size to meet all your needs
  • Moisture Resistant: birchwood resists moisture; coil springs are rust resistant
  • Versatile Choice: the clothes pins are perfect for traditional uses like hanging and drying clothing, but can also be used for crafting, arts and photos, bag clips and even naming herbs and plants
Kitchen Shears
  • Comfortable Oversized Handles: not your average kitchen shears; oversized and slip resistant handles are ergonomic and soft touch; help provide stability and absorb pressure as you cut; extremely comfortable, allowing you to cut many items with ease
  • Stainless Steel Blades: incredibly durable, rust resistant 100 percent stainless steel blades are super sharp and deliver a clean cut through everything from tough flower stems to fine herbs
  • All Purpose Scissors: an essential tool perfect for cutting meats, fruits, vegetables, herbs, scaling fish, trimming flowers, and other general utility uses
  • Stylish and Convenient: perfect mixture of function and style; available in a wide variety of colors; easy to use safety cap included for your convenience
  • Easy to Clean: handwash to preserve the longevity and sharpness of shears; for best results, do not allow shears to soak in water and always dry thoroughly promptly after washing
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Leakproof 2 in 1 Design Portable Dog Water Bottle
  • Waste Less Water: water bottle is so easy to use; by squeezing the bottle and locking the top, water is released into the bowl so your pet can easily drink; once they’re done, unlock and squeeze the bottle to drain water back into the bottle, helping you to waste less water
  • 2 in 1 Design: finally an easy way to keep your pet hydrated while you’re on the go; the 2 in 1 design features a travel water bottle combined with a built in water bowl; the water bottle holds water from a fresh trusted source; the fold cap acts as the bowl for your furry friend, so there is no need to carry an extra bottle or bowl to hydrate your pet on the go
  • Leakproof: featuring unique twist lock technology, this water bottle is virtually leakproof; simply twist the locking mechanism at the bottom of the silicone bowl to create an air tight seal, to help prevent water from leaking out of the bottle
  • Large Capacity Bottle: when on the go, it is especially important to bring enough water for your pet; the bottle comes in three convenient sizes 12oz, 16 oz, and 20oz, so you can find the best fit for your furry friend
  • Dishwasher Safe Food Grade Silicone: the water bottle’s fold cap is constructed of premium food grade silicone that is dishwasher safe for a fast and easy clean; this means you can spend less time cleaning up after your adventure, and more time playing with your furry friend
  • Caution: Carabiner may cause pinching. Watch your fingers.
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Metal Grill Tong
  • Superior Precision: featuring stainless steel scalloped edges, these tongs can grab nearly anything; from small ingredients like cherries, to large pieces of meats, veggies and more, the tongs are incredibly durable and strong enough for a variety of ingredients
  • Comfortable: the tongs feature a slip resistant, silicone grip that help you get the best grasp on your food; also include an ergonomic thumb rest to help alleviate pressure on fingers and thumbs for additional comfort
  • Easy Pull Lock: the tongs easily become compact when you pull the easy pull lock up; fit seamlessly in most drawers and cabinets for easy storage; also includes a hook for easy hang
  • Incredibly Durable: constructed from durable and sturdy stainless steel, the tongs can withstand high temperatures of up to 484 degrees; easily grab food from pans on stovetops, ovens or grills; stainless steel design won’t break down over time
  • Easy to Clean: to clean, simply throw in the dishwasher as often as needed
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MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Furniture Sliders
  • Move Heavy Furniture With Ease: don’t break your back moving heavy furniture; hard floor sliders can help you move heavy objects with less effort; our strong, heavy duty and durable sliders can hold hundreds of pounds while providing even weight distribution for objects
  • Ultra Strong and Long Lasting: unlike other brands our dense felt and premium EVA foam construction won’t break down over time; thick .66 inch foam layer provides an ultra strong grip on furniture bottoms so your items stay firmly in place on the sliders without slipping off; non adhesive design helps prevent damage to your furniture and can be reused for years to come
  • Ultimate Protection for Hard Floors: our trusted furniture sliders will help protect your floors from damage while moving your furniture; hard floor sliders provide a strong and thick buffer between your floor and furniture to help prevent scuffs, scrapes and scratches from occurring
  • Oversized for All Furniture: specially designed with a large surface area of 3.5 inches to provide generous coverage for a wide range of furniture; sliders are large and strong enough to work on all types of furniture, including refrigerators, bulky armoires, beds, pianos, sofas, tables and more
  • Easy to Use: simply place sliders under each leg or corner of furniture with the foam side up and felt side down on the hard floor; slowly push items to desired location and remove sliders from furniture; if you prefer, you can even keep the slider in place under your furniture, the strong foam grip provides a long lasting hold
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Self Adhesive Wallpaper
  • Transform Your Home: add a stylish upgrade to any room in your home; designed with incredible details that make the wallpaper look like the real thing; classic, modern and beautiful designs, you can choose a style that best fits you
  • Stays in Place: the superior choice when it comes to instant wallpapers, forget peeling corners or bubbles that pop up on your walls; strong adhesive on the backside and printed on a premium peel and stick material, wallpaper will not bubble at the edges or corners once applied, so it’s made to last for as long as you want it to
  • Easy to Use: easy to follow instructions on the backing make application incredibly easy, you only need to measure, peel and stick; plus, wallpaper is also easily trimmed and has cutting lines on the backing so you can custom fit it to unique sizes
  • Removable: easy to remove off of most smooth surfaces without leaving residue or harming walls; as with all peel and stick wallpaper products, surface must be clean, dry, and smooth for best results; do not apply to textured surfaces
  • Versatile: transform an accent wall, coffee table, ceiling, backsplash and so much more; also a great choice for classrooms and schools, whether you're decorating school bulletin boards, lockers or covering books, there's a design to fit your needs
  • Before using, test product on a small area of surface to be covered to ensure that removal of product will not harm surface.
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Silicone Heat Resistant Utensil Rest
  • No More Messy Counters: this ultra durable utensil rest will help alleviate countertop mess while you cook; features an extra long drip pad that will contain even long utensils and their messes; plus, ultra deep grooves and thick edges keep spills from overflowing onto countertops; finally, you can make cooking a no hassle experience
  • Heat Resistant, Food Grade Silicone: constructed from extra durable, food grade silicone, the utensil rest is a great option for any home; non porous to resist stains and odors; flexible material won’t break like porcelain rests will; heat resistant to high temperatures so you’ll never have to worry about burning
  • Grips Countertops: slip resistant silicone stays firmly in place on countertops, even with a variety of utensils, so that you can worry less about slipping and sliding while you cook
  • Multiple Slot Design: spoon rests are a thing of the past; this universal utensil rest can fit nearly any utensil, from ladles, to spatulas, wooden spoons, brushes, large forks and more; flexible slots make room for even extra thick handles;
  • Dishwasher Safe: unlike so many other utensil rests, this is dishwasher safe for the easiest cleaning experience ever
  • Wash thoroughly before use.
Silicone Trivets
  • 100% Durable and Slip Resistant Silicone: unlike ceramic, fabric or cork trivets, the Gorilla Grip Silicone Trivets are extremely durable and strong; constructed from thick silicone, the trivets are designed to last due to silicone’s natural durability; won’t break, puncture or crack with falls or high temperatures; slip resistant design keeps it firmly in place on countertops and won’t scratch surfaces
  • Extreme Heat Resistance: the trivets are designed to help protect your counters from very hot plates up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, more so than other materials can; silicone will also stay cool since it is not a conductor of heat; help protect your surfaces by providing your cookware with the perfect resting place for hot items out from the oven or on the stove
  • Stain Resistant and Easy to Clean: no more machine washing your trivets to hide the endless stains; Gorilla Grip Trivets are 100 percent waterproof and can easily be rinsed under water, but are also dishwasher safe if needed; they are also nonstick, making them stain resistant, so you can keep your trivets looking brand new for years to come; forget fabric pot holders that hold onto stains forever
  • A Great Substitute for Pot Holders: save space and replace your pot holders with these flexible and easy to grip trivets; due to the flexibility and naturally occurring slip resistance of silicone, the trivets can easily grip pots and pans; unique honeycomb pattern adds an extra layer of resistance
  • Oversized 7 Inch Design: trivets feature a 7 inch diameter, making them an ideal size to hold even larger sized pots and pans; also perfect for casserole dishes, baking pans and more; plus, their large size and durable nature is a great option for other uses as well, like opening stubborn jars, using as a spoon rest, or using as a coaster for pitchers
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Slotted Fish Spatula Turner
  • Extremely Gentle on Delicate Foods: finally, a premium spatula that makes cooking easy; featuring thin beveled edges, this turner slides effortlessly under even the most delicate foods without tearing skin; super flexible so that it can easily get under all types of food, making it an all purpose tool; nonstick for easy food release
  • Slots for Grease Drainage: featuring elongated slots throughout, this spatula allows for easy grease drainage so your meals will be tastier; also a great option for poaching, so the liquid can fall easily back into the pot
  • Oversized Head for Maximum Durability: with a durable, oversized stainless steel head, this spatula will easily flip all types of food, from delicate fish to meats and more; it won’t bend or break under the weight of even the heaviest cuts; plus, it’s rust resistant for long lasting use
  • Comfortable Grip: features a soft touch rubber handle that helps provide slip resistance; comfortable and ergonomic grip makes the spatula easy to use
  • Dishwasher Safe: spatula is dishwasher safe for an easy clean, or simply rinse with water and towel dry
Small Pet Nail Clippers
  • Designed For Small Pets: small clippers are perfect for a variety of pets including cats, kittens, small dogs, puppies, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets and more; save time and money by avoiding unnecessary trips to the vet by trimming all pet nails at home
  • Semi Circular Blade: take the guess work out of trimming your pets nails, the blade features a semi circular opening to help you better view the nail and its surrounding area before you cut; no more fur obstructing your view of the nail before you trim
  • Easy Grip Handle: the easy grip, rubberized ergonomic handle is so comfortable, plus the handles feature ridges and grooves that help the clipper safely stay in place in your hands; grooves ensure ease of use and reduce the risk of accidental nicks and cuts during grooming
  • Cut Like a Pro: the user friendly, lightweight design makes grooming a breeze, even for first time trimmers; the clippers fit securely in your hand and cut through the nail in one swift motion, so you can cut with confidence; plus it is so gentle on pets
  • Ultra Durable: the blades on the clipper are constructed from 100 percent stainless steel that is so strong and designed to last for years to come even after prolonged usage; plus they are rust resistant
More sizes available
Stainless Steel Muddler
  • Release the Most Flavor: grooved head design helps to release a burst of flavor from ingredients instantly as you muddle; create delicious recipes from the comfort of home
  • Strong but Gentle: mashing head is incredibly durable; will break down nearly any ingredient including citrus fruits and can be used to crack ice; soft muddler head will help prevent scratches, cracks or dents in glass from muddling; grooved head can be used to gently muddle ingredients in your fragile dishware, barware and glassware
  • Superior Quality: features stainless steel construction; muddler is rust resistant and will not bend or break; break ice or muddle even the toughest ingredients with ease
  • All Purpose Muddler: perfect for muddling mint leaves, mashing citrus fruits for beverages; use it as a masher when making guacamole or mashed potatoes; crush and prepare herbs for spiced meat and so much more
  • Easy to Use: comfortable and ergonomic grip makes muddler easy to use; simple clean up; rinse by hand or just place in the dishwasher for an easy clean
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Toothbrush & Toiletries Holder
  • 5 / 7 / or 8 Slots: organize a multitude of items with this unique 5/7/8 slot design; easily keep separate and hold up to 4 manual toothbrushes and 1 toothpaste; design allows easy access to any item
  • Slip-Resistant: 4 rubber feet help provide stability and keep the holder in place, even on wet countertops
  • Premium Construction: constructed from durable carbon steel, the holder is rust resistant and long lasting; sleek and minimalistic design adds an elegant, modern touch to any bathroom
  • Open Air Design: no more bottom buildup in the toothbrush cup; open air grid design allows toothbrushes to dry quickly and cleanly to help keep them cleaner and lasting for longer
  • For Many Toiletries: not just for toothbrushes, the holder is a great option for shavers, lotions, combs and brushes, creams and more

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