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HOME GENIE Smooth Surface Top Shelf Liner
  • Slip Resistant Design: constructed of a smooth surfaced top and durable, non-adhesive grip bottom that is slip resistant and helps to keep the liner in place; topside helps protect surfaces from spills and messes while making it easy to move items in and out of drawers and cabinets
  • Everyday Protection: helps protect shelves, drawers and flat surfaces from everyday wear; avoid hard to clean stains, spills and debris in kitchen cabinets, pantry shelves, bathroom drawers and more
  • Easy to Use: generous sized rolls come in a range of pre-cut sizes that can be trimmed to fit most surfaces; for a custom fit simply unroll, measure and trim liner; liners are non-adhesive and removable making them easy to adjust and change over time without leaving a sticky residue; for use only on clean dry surfaces
  • Multi Purpose Design: versatile liners are the perfect choice for protecting a range of surfaces; ideal for use in the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, laundry room, office, garage; DIY any slip resistant surface with our liners from serving trays to open bookshelves and even customizable placemats; available in a range of beautiful colors and patterns to match any décor style
  • Easy Clean: liners are water resistant and easy to clean; simply remove from your cabinet or drawer and clean with a damp cloth or sponge
Premium Ironing Board Cover
  • Clothes in a Blink: make ironing faster and easier than ever before with this superior ironing board cover; it includes an innovative silicone coating which reflects heat, does not absorb it; helps make ironing more effective to give you perfect and wrinkle free clothes in no time
  • Thick and Durable: no more scorched or burned ironing board covers; this cover is thick and durable and made to resist scorching and staining, even after many uses; use on heat safe surfaces
  • Hook and Loop Fasteners: it's difficult to iron when your cover is slipping and sliding all over, this cover is designed differently; it includes not one but two hook and loop fastener straps on the underside to help keep it secure; also features strong elasticized edges that help prevent added movement
  • A Tailored Fit: cover measures 15 inches by 54 inches, making it a perfect fit for all standard-sized ironing boards; the elasticized edges on the cover create a seamless, beautiful look on your board; please note that the ironing board is not included with the cover
  • Beautiful Design: variety of colors and patterns to match any style and décor
  • Use on heat safe surfaces
More sizes available
Self Adhesive Wallpaper
  • Transform Your Home: add a stylish upgrade to any room in your home; designed with incredible details that make the wallpaper look like the real thing; classic, modern and beautiful designs, you can choose a style that best fits you
  • Stays in Place: the superior choice when it comes to instant wallpapers, forget peeling corners or bubbles that pop up on your walls; strong adhesive on the backside and printed on a premium peel and stick material, wallpaper will not bubble at the edges or corners once applied, so it’s made to last for as long as you want it to
  • Easy to Use: easy to follow instructions on the backing make application incredibly easy, you only need to measure, peel and stick; plus, wallpaper is also easily trimmed and has cutting lines on the backing so you can custom fit it to unique sizes
  • Removable: easy to remove off of most smooth surfaces without leaving residue or harming walls; as with all peel and stick wallpaper products, surface must be clean, dry, and smooth for best results; do not apply to textured surfaces
  • Versatile: transform an accent wall, coffee table, ceiling, backsplash and so much more; also a great choice for classrooms and schools, whether you're decorating school bulletin boards, lockers or covering books, there's a design to fit your needs
  • Before using, test product on a small area of surface to be covered to ensure that removal of product will not harm surface.

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