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2 Pack Silicone Stove Gap Covers
  • Protection From Messes: no more crumbs, spills or messes falling in the gap between your counter and stove and making it difficult to clean; never pull out the stove to clean it anymore; the cover acts as a barrier over the gap to stop any spills
  • Fits All Gaps: finally, an answer to any pesky gap between your counter and stove; cover is constructed from flexible silicone that lets it easily fit between most gaps; works with all types of stove types, even if your stove is higher or lower than your countertops; the specialized notch fits perfectly within the space to keep it in place
  • Stays Hidden: once the cover is in place, you won’t be able to tell it’s there; the seamless fit makes it almost invisible; choose the color to match your appliances and countertops
  • Customizable: easy to trim with a household scissor, so you can customize based on your stove and counter's unique fit
  • Food Grade Silicone: food grade, smudge resistant silicone is heat resistant to temps of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can use your stovetop in high heat settings without worry; unlike plastics or metals, the cover will not melt or become too hot to the touch while you cook; silicone is also flexible, making it easy to conform to your gap; dishwasher safe
  • Gap cover should not make direct contact with stove coil or open flame.
21" x 21" Shower Mat
  • Hundreds of Suction Cups: shower stall mats feature hundreds of suction cups that help hold in place on smooth, clean surfaces; a great choice for the home, gym, spa and more; not for use on newly finished surfaces
  • Larger Size: large and generously sized mat is 21 by 21 inches; excellent coverage for shower stalls
  • Drain Holes: small holes throughout the mat to help water circulate; helps prevent a moist underside
  • Easy to Clean: machine washable to uphold its fresh appearance; wash mat prior to first use; wash in the washing machine on cold with gentle detergent; no bleach; rinse and dry after each use to remove oily and slippery buildup that may occur from soaps; allow the mat to air out in a well ventilated area 24 hours before use
  • Beautiful Design: choose the color to best fit your shower and help enhance your bathroom oasis
  • Not for use on newly refinished tubs, shower pans, or similar surfaces.
  • $10.99
    35" x 16" Bathtub Shower Mat
    • Ultra Powerful Grip: featuring 324 suction cups to help secure the mat firmly in place on smooth, clean bath tub or shower surfaces, this mat is easy to install and a great choice for any home, gym, or spa
    • Patented Design for Maximum Comfort: the mat features a unique hexagon design with a soft, textured topside that will keep you and your whole family comfortable; perfect for taking baths or long showers; even soft and gentle enough for grooming your furry friends
    • Hundreds of Drainage Holes: constructed with hundreds of drainage holes throughout, the holes allow water and air to circulate which helps to reduce moisture and prevent buildup
    • Oversized Mat: extra large and generously sized mat is 35 by 16 inches; much larger than others; providing excellent coverage in tubs and showers
    • Machine Washable: yes, this mat can be washed in the washing machine; we recommend that you wash your mat before you use it the first time and rinse and dry it after each use; keeping your mat clean will help to uphold its fresh appearance and remove the oily and slippery build up that may occur from soaps
    • Not for use on newly refinished tubs, shower pans, or similar surfaces.
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    Heavy Duty Premium Wire Shelf Liners
    • Incredibly Durable: the toughest wire shelf liner on the block; heavy duty premium liners are crafted to last a lifetime; these are the last liners you ever need to buy
    • Fits Most Popular Wire Shelves: custom tailored liners come in a variety of sizes and sets so you can find the ideal fit for your shelves; perfect fit with all the most popular shelves including Amazon Basics, Seville Classics, and more; they can also be easily trimmed with a household scissor
    • Creates a Smooth Even Surface: thick, heavy duty polypropylene liners create a perfectly smooth and even surface on wire shelving; liners are also waterproof so liquid spills and smaller items spilling onto lower shelves are a problem of the past
    • Perfect Corners: the 4 corners have squared cut outs to ensure the perfect fit with all standard wire shelves
    HOME GENIE 31x15 Bathtub Mat
    • Ultra Strong Grip: constructed of hundreds of strong suction cups to help hold the mat in place on clean, smooth, non-textured surfaces; mat is easy to install and remove as needed
    • Excellent Drainage: unlike other brands, our mat is designed with spacious drainage holes throughout to help circulate water, prevent buildup, and help keep your tub or shower clean
    • Comfortable Under Foot: flexible PVC material and textured topside are extremely soft and soothing under bare feet or paws; perfect for the whole family to enjoy
    • Textured Pebbled Design: designed with a textured surface and domed pebbled topside; comfortable yet heavy duty construction is ideal for bath tubs, showers, gyms and saunas
    • Machine Washable: machine wash for a quick and easy clean; rinse bath mat and allow to air dry between uses
    • /!\WARNING:: Prevent Falls: Secure suction cups before each use. Mat will only attach to clean, smooth surface. Not for use on textured, tiled, or non-smooth surfaces. Do not use bath oils – may cause slipping.
    • Not for use on newly refinished tubs, shower pans, or similar surfaces.
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    PEVA Shower Curtain Liner
    • Less Water on Bathroom Floors: help stop excessive puddles from forming on your floors during showers with this premium shower curtain; featuring waterproof PEVA material, water rolls off the curtain instead of absorbing it, helping to keep water in the tub and off of floors
    • Strong Magnets: 3 heavy duty magnets attach seamlessly to the bottom of tubs to help keep the curtain in place; super strong and durable, the magnets attach to most tubs
    • Durable Construction: 12 durable and rust resistant grommets that line the top of the curtain to help prevent ripping and tearing; the grommets are the perfect size for standard sized curtain hooks; note that shower curtain hooks are not included
    • Great For All Homes: a great choice for your home and family; PEVA material is so easy to clean; simply wipe down with a cloth as needed
    • A Perfect Fit: perfect for standard sized showers and tubs; we recommend measuring your tub before purchase to ensure a great fit
    Precut Washable Fridge Liners
    • 100% Waterproof and Easy to Clean: worry less about spills; liners are 100 percent waterproof and provide a thick barrier between spills and shelves; make cleaning your fridge and freezer easier than ever before; washable and easy to rinse
    • Stays in Place: Gorilla Grip Refrigerator and Freezer Liners are designed to stay in place on your drawers and shelves; the ultra durable backing effortlessly grips surfaces to help prevent shifting and bunching; plus, the textured topside helps prevent movement of your items placed on top of the liners, making them a perfect option for any home
    • Textured Topside Slows Spills: the liners feature a bumpy topside that helps to slow down the spread of any spill; liquids will be easily contained to help stop dripping, unlike they would on a smooth, non textured surface
    • BPA Free and Food Grade: liners are BPA free and food grade, so they are safe for direct contact with your produce; liners have been third party tested to comply with US regulations; perfect for use in the refrigerator or freezer
    • Precut to Fit Shelves, Drawers and More: not just for shelves, the precut liners are also perfect for use in your refrigerator or freezer drawers; easily trim to customize to unique sizes; use also for under the sink, laundry rooms, pantries and more; liners are cut to measure 17.7 by 13 inches, wider than many others and a great fit for various areas;
    • 4 piece set includes 2 green, 1 blue, and 1 clear liner
    • 6 piece set includes 2 green, 2 blue, and 2 clear liners
    • 8 piece set includes 3 green, 3 blue, and 2 clear liners
    More sizes available
    Reusable Food Storage Bags
    • Reusable and Durable: incredibly durable for long-lasting use, time and time again; made from extremely thick and durable PEVA material, the bags resist wear and tear and can be washed after each use, helping to save money on purchases from pricey and flimsy 1 time use plastic baggies, the material is recyclable, making it a great option that will last for years to come
    • A Great Choice For Your Home: made from PEVA, the bags are a healthier and better alternative to disposable baggies; they are great for the freezer and a perfect option for storing leftovers and helping with meal prep; do not put in microwave or oven
    • Air Tight Seal: the easy lock pinch seal provides an airtight closure on liquids and foods, to help prevent leaks out of the bag and air into the bag; the tight lock helps preserve nutrients
    • Versatile: the 6 pack includes (2) gallon sized bags, (2) sandwich sized bags and (2) snack sized bags, making it a great choice for all types of food; the bags are perfect for marinating meats and vegetables, packing kids’ lunches and for food prep; the thick material makes them a great option for travel, too; use for cosmetics, lotions and personal care, shampoos and more; the transparent design means they’re airplane approved, and allows for easy visibility inside
    • the 12 pack includes (4) gallon sized bags, (4) sandwich sized bags and (4) snack sized bags
    • the 18 pack includes (6) gallon sized bags, (6) sandwich sized bags and (6) snack sized bags
    • Easy Clean: to clean, rinse with soap and water and let air dry over a mug or a bowl
    Rugged Rhino Office Chair Roller Wheels 5 Pack
    • Extreme Strength: designed to last, these office chair wheels are built strong; can hold up to 660 pounds of weight thanks to a high strength stem shaft, industrial ball bearings and a heavy duty steel bracket; no need to worry about wheels breaking down over time​
    • Extra Smooth and Quiet Design: roller wheels feature a 360 degree swivel wheel that allows for a smooth glide anywhere while helping to prevent wheel jamming; plus, they are noise free, so they won’t squeak or make sounds while in use​
    • Non Scratch On All Floor Types: office chair wheels help keep all floors looking great over time since they are non scratch and non marking; work perfectly on all floor types; use on hardwood, vinyl, tile, laminate, or even medium to high pile carpets; wheels will not mark floors, regardless of where they are used​
    • No Hardware Required: unlike many other brands, Rugged Rhino Office Chair Wheels do not require any hardware; simply pop the wheel into your chair leg and you are done​
    • Rugged Facts, Fits Most Chairs: fits most standard sized office chairs, but are not compatible for Ikea models; total height is 4.5 inches with wheels measuring 3 inches in diameter and stem 7/16 by 7/8 inches wide; 360 degree swivel; holds up to 660 pounds of weight
    • Mounting Type: Stem Mount
    • Caster Type: Swivel
    • Surface Recommendations: Hardwood, Vinyl, Tile, Laminate, Low/Medium Pile Carpet
    • Wheel Width: 3 Inches
    More sizes available
    The Original Gorilla Grip Premium Refrigerator Shelf Liners
    • Keeps Your Fridge Cleaner: these liners are the easiest way to help prevent messy spills and grime from overtaking your shelves and drawers; liners are also waterproof
    • Durable Construction: constructed with a strong backing, these liners are designed to grip your shelves and drawers so you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding when items are placed on top; they also have a textured topside that helps prevent items from shifting, even in drawers or door shelves; they’re non-adhesive and won’t leave residue when picked up, so you can use them in nearly any space of your home, including offices, cabinets, closets and more
    • Easy Clean: if something spills or leaks, cleaning is simple; for a smaller mess, you can easily wipe the liner down with a damp cloth, or, for larger spills, rinse completely under water with soap
    • Reusable: liners are always reusable and can be placed back in your fridge once dry; the durable material is meant to last, use after use
    • Fits Like a Glove: measure your drawer or shelf before purchase; liners come pre-made in sizes consistent with common refrigerator shelves and drawers, but you can also customize them for unique sizes or shapes; they're also easy to trim; simply measure your space, and then use a household scissor to trim the liner to the size needed

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