Heavy Duty Plastic Shrink Wrap Stretch Film Roll

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  • HEAVY DUTY STRETCH WRAP: extra thick and flexible 60 gauge wrap helps cover and protect items for storing, moving, shipping, and warehouse use; 500% stretch for a firm hold
  • PUNCTURE RESISTANT PROTECTION BARRIER: helps protect items from the elements; stretch wrap protects from dust, dirt, moisture and more; plus, wrap helps prevents pallet sticking to one and other when stacked
  • MOVING, STORING, AND WAREHOUSES: perfect for moving and storing; commercial use in warehouses; use to wrap boxes, pallets of merchandise, furniture, artwork, seasonal decorations, luggage and more
  • EASY TO USE: self adhering stretch wrap is so easy to use; unroll the plastic film and wrap around items until completely covered; use scissors to cut the wrap, crumple and stick excess wrap to itself to seal and secure
  • 1,200 FEET OF WRAP: each roll offers 1,200 feet of wrap; roll is height 17 inches; core of roll is 3 inches for a comfortable grip

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