Litter Shield Premium Cat Litter Mat

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  • REALLY HELPS TO SHIELD FLOORS: Not only does our mat feature a modern design but our deep grooves and superior mesh can grab a large amount of cat litter that was kicked out of litter boxes or stuck on cat's paws. Its unique litter trapping border prevents litter from rolling off the sides and onto your floors. Plus, our large size (35" x 23") means less sweeping around the cat litter box.
  • GUARANTEED DURABILITY: Litter Shield means you are getting tough design, durability, and long-lasting effectiveness. In fact, we stand by our mats 100% that we are proud to offer our customers a no questions asked guarantee on your purchase. If for any reason you, or your cat, are dissatisfied with your litter mat, please contact us (even if outside the Amazon return window) and we will be happy to assist you. We want our customers to love our Litter Shield Mats as much as we do!
  • GENTLE AND SAFE: Your furry friend deserves the best! Many other mats use rough materials that cats quickly learn to avoid. Our premium comfort mat is phthalate free (pet lovers know this is a must) and our super soft material is gentle on kitty's sensitive paws to provide your cat with soft comfort. To help keep kitties safe and avoid cross contamination, do not place cat food bowl on mat with litter box.
  • SLIP-RESISTANT: Our mats are constructed of a durable, slip-resistant backing helping to reduce movement on your floors.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Even though our mat is constructed with ⅓” thick material, making it long-lasting for everyday pet use, cleaning is easy! Simply shake off, vacuum, or soap up and rinse down. Your mat will be good as new. For sanitary reasons, do not clean mat in the kitchen sink.

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