The Original GORILLA GRIP Premium Weighted Blanket

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  • PREMIUM GLASS BEADS: Unlike other weighted blankets out there, the Gorilla Grip Weighted Blanket contains only glass beads, and absolutely NO poly pellets. The certified non-toxic glass beads help to give the blanket a smoother, more luxurious feel than found with poly pellets. Plus, they’re much denser than poly pellets, helping you to feel more secure and comfortable within your weighted blanket.
  • 100% SOFT COTTON FABRIC: Wrap yourself in a comforting hug with this soft cotton blanket! Our superior quality weighted blanket features two layers of incredibly soft, quilted cotton, helping to make it the most comfortable blanket you’ll ever own! It’s so breathable and will help keep you cool and comfortable while hugging you tightly! We also offer a machine washable duvet cover to fit perfectly over your weighted blanket.
  • THICK BOX STITCHING: The Gorilla Grip Weighted Blanket contains thick and luxurious box stitching to help prevent bead leakage. It also includes small five-inch pockets for even bead distribution to help provide an evenly balanced level of pressure for an even more comfortable experience.
  • BONUS EYE MASK*: The Gorilla Grip Weighted Blanket comes with a FREE satin eye mask for adult sized blankets! The soft and smooth velvety feel of the eye mask will help to relax you and help you feel refreshed. Please note, eye mask is available only with adult sized blankets. *Mask not included in 5 and 7 pound blankets
  • WARNING: To prevent suffocation or other injury, user should be at least 50 pounds to use the 5 pound blanket, 70 pounds to use the 7 pound blanket, 100 pounds to use the 10 pound blanket, 120 pounds to use the 12 pound blanket, 150 pounds to use the 15 pound blanket, or 200 pounds to use the 20 pound blanket.  Consult physician before using with a child; if experiencing respiratory difficulty, disabled or pregnant. User should be able to get out of blanket by his/herself. Never use to restrict movement. Never place blanket over head. If the bead filling comes out of blanket, stop use immediately.
  • 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED GUARANTEE: We are proud to offer our customers a no questions asked guarantee on your purchase. If you are not happy with your weighted blanket, please contact us for a replacement or a full refund. We want you to love our products as much as we do!

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