Cat Litter Scooper

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  • Make Cleaning Kitty Litter a Breeze: constructed of durable, nonstick aluminum with an easy to grip comfortable handle, this sturdy scooper is equipped to capture large clumps and kitty messes; oversized design measures 14 in by 5.5 by 2 inches providing broad litter box coverage
  • Deep Shovel Sifter: solid, 2 inch deep shovel design is perfect for accessing those hard to reach corners of your cat’s litter box; shovel captures dirty, wet clumps and allows only clean litter crystals to easily pass through, helping keep your kitty’s litter box fresh and clean for frequent, everyday use
  • Easy Storage: includes a hook so you can conveniently store your litter scooper after each use; hang your hook directly on your litter box hood or on a nearby wall for easy storage; sticks to any clean, smooth surface for a strong hold
  • Nonstick for an Easy Clean: durable, non-stick aluminum makes this scoop waterproof, rust-resistant and corrosion resistant
  • Easy Clean: wash the scooper in a utility sink or outdoors with a garden hose after each use; use disposable gloves and wash hands thoroughly after cleaning

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