WONDERfoam Blinkable 100% Light Blocking Contoured Memory Foam Eye Mask
  • 100% Light Blocking: 3D memory foam cups and extra padded nose design contour to your face effectively blocking outside light from all angles; 100% blackout material ensures complete darkness
  • Blink Comfortably: ergonomic 3D design features deep and wide eye cups allowing you to open your eyes and blink freely; no pressure on eyes for ultimate comfort and uninterrupted night's sleep
  • Innovative Memory Foam with FlexComfort Technology: designed with a proprietary memory foam blend and unique FlexComfort Technology, premium memory foam forms to the shape of your face for a more comfortable and secure fit; soft and lightweight memory foam is extremely cozy for quick naps or all night rest; you won't even realize you are wearing it
  • Soft and Breathable Fabric: ultra soft construction is silky smooth and gentle on skin while the mask’s breathable fabric helps you sleep comfortably for extended periods of time; perfect for at home or on the go, mask includes complimentary travel pouch and earplugs
  • Adjustable to All Head Sizes: featuring an adjustable strap for all head sizes; strap adjusts to fit head circumference 18.5 to 26.5 inches for a comfortable fit; clasp is easy to adjust and rests snugly without catching on hair
More sizes available
WONDERfoam Adjustable Memory Foam Bed Pillow
  • Innovative Memory Foam with FlexComfort Technology: designed with a proprietary memory foam blend and unique FlexComfort Technology; high density gel infused memory foam construction contours to your body helping to support your head and neck throughout the night; premium memory foam fill is finely shredded to allow for maximum support at all angles and contour to your unique shape; wake up feeling refreshed and energized
  • Adjustable Pillow Designed Just For You: you can easily adjust pillow to your comfort level and unique shape, size and sleep position for healthy sleep posture; simply unzip outer and inner liner and remove or add extra fill; additionally, if you rotate positions throughout the night, you can shift fill to one side for support in each position; ideal for back, side and stomach sleepers
  • Extra Soft and Breathable Quilted Cover: plush, quilted outer cover adds extra level of softness; constructed with viscose derived from bamboo for maximum breathability and softness; inner cover is designed with a stretchy, lightweight material to allow for easy shaping of inner fill; outer cover is easy to clean, machine wash and dry as often as needed
  • OEKO-TEX Certified Memory Foam: all of the memory foam in our pillows is OEKO-TEX certified; performance, durability and emissions tested and analyzed by independent accredited testing laboratories; feel confident and rest easy with our high product safety standards
  • Extra Bag of Fill Included: unlike other pillows, ours includes extra 0.5 pound bag of fill so that you can increase pillow's loft if needed; premium shredded fill is easy to spread and form to your preferred pillow shape
  • Bamboo Viscose Blend Fabric

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