Under Bed Storage Bag Organizers

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  • Extra Large Capacity: the Gorilla Grip Under Bed Storage Bags are extra large and feature a long width and length, so you can store more items within; each bag measures 42 inches long by 18 wide by 6 inches high, making them perfect for out of season clothing and shoes, extra bedding and linens, towels, and even holiday décor, the bags offer more space for your items; keep everything that you don’t need out of sight
  • Ultra Slim Design: utilize every inch of your room by taking advantage of unused space under your bed; Gorilla Grip Under Bed Storage Bags will help you maximize your storage space when your space is limited; featuring an ultra slim design, the bags are just 6 inches high to fit effortlessly under most low rise beds; you can finally ditch bulky storage bins and save space, all while keeping your room looking neat and organized
  • Durable Construction and Reinforced Handles: featuring two reinforced, tear resistant handles, extra thick stitching and strong dual zippers, the bags are designed to withstand the test of time; even when full to capacity, they will have no trouble zipping up or ripping; non woven material for more durability
  • Maximum Protection: not only important for keeping not in use items out of sight and out of mind, the bags help offer more protection; the thick material will help protect from dust, dirt, hair and other unwanted debris that can find its way under your bed; feel confident that you are helping to keep your items safe
  • Clear Vinyl Topside: unlike many storage bags or bins, a clear vinyl window panel on the top of the Gorilla Grip Bags lets you instantly identify what you packed away, so you can save time when looking for what you need; plus, the top opens completely so you will have no trouble packing and removing what you need

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