Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer
  • Easy Perfect Rings Every Time: the corer is designed to make peeling, coring and slicing pineapples easy and will leave you with picture perfect pineapple rings every time
  • Sharp Serrated Blades: slice through pineapples in mere seconds with the Gorilla Grip Pineapple Corer; corer is extra durable and thick; it features sharp, serrated blades that power into any pineapple with little force needed; blades are reinforced for easy twisting
  • Durable Stainless Steel: corer is constructed from stainless steel; it’s rust resistant and durable for long lasting use; plus, it’s BPA free and food safe
  • Less Mess, More Pineapple: the pineapple corer effectively keeps juices contained within the shell to help prevent runoff all over your counter; it also slices the entire fruit, so you are not wasting any pineapple; plus, it preserves the shell to leave you with a bowl that you can use for drinks and other recipes; handle is detachable for an easy clean
  • Ergonomic Handle: corer features a comfortable and ergonomic handle that helps keep you comfortable while you core the pineapple; handle requires little effort when twisting and won’t leave your hands aching; corer measures 9 inches tall

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