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Rugged Rhino Tarp All Weather Protection
  • Extreme Protection in All Weather: constructed to last, Rugged Rhino tarps are waterproof, windproof, UV resistant and temperature resistant from 0 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for both hot and cold temperatures; the ideal option for any weather or climate
  • Tear Resistant with Reinforced Corners and Hems: unlike other brands, each corner is reinforced with plastic edges to help prevent tearing; edging is double hemmed and heat sealed to keep material secure; edges are also reinforced with polyethylene rope
  • Strong Rust Resistant Aluminum Grommets: grommets are placed every 18 inches, making the tarp easy to secure and tie down over any item; grommets are made from ultra strong aluminum and rust resistant for prolonged use; .47 inch diameter is compatible with most ropes, bungee cords and carabiners
  • Tackle Any Project: lightweight yet heavy duty, tarps are available in a variety of sizes to tackle any project from gardening and vehicle covers to camping and home projects
More sizes available
Adjustable Luggage Straps for Suitcases
  • GRIP STRAPS SECURE LUGGAGE CLOSED: help prolong the life of luggage; designed to handle the heaviest of bags; straps grip suitcase to help keep luggage securely fastened even if zipper fails; straps measure 36 inches to 76 inches long and 2 inches wide to grip all sized luggage​
  • WITHSTANDS 500 POUNDS OF PULL FORCE: unlike other brands, the heavy-duty Gorilla Grip luggage straps can withstand 500 pounds of pull force without breaking or snapping
  • EASY TO IDENTIFY: no more searching for your suitcase; customize your luggage with a colorful strap to more easily locate it while traveling; perfect for airports, train stations, and bus depots​
  • HELP PROLONG LIFE OF YOUR LUGGAGE: take pressure off your suitcase zippers by adding luggage straps; straps take weight off the closure points and help prolong the lifespan of your luggage; straps are constructed from high quality polyester; recommended to spot clean​
  • 3 WAYS TO USE: configure straps in 3 different ways; when wrapping horizontally around the suitcase, thread strap through side handle if available; when wrapping vertically thread strap through adjustable top pull handle; to wrap crossed, use 2 straps and thread both through available handles; 8 straps per pack

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