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Gorilla Grip Premium Durable Coir Door Mat
  • GORILLA GRIP TOUGH: The Gorilla Grip Coir Doormat is the most durable doormat you can buy. Constructed with thick coir bristles on the topside, the mat is built tough by nature. Its strong bristles create a high, 15mm pile and help to stop dirt, debris, moisture and other particles from being tracked into your home. Plus, the strong and heavy-duty backing is built tough and adds extra durability.
  • 100 PERCENT COCONUT COIR TOPSIDE: Unlike some other “coir” mats, ours are made of 100 percent coconut coir on the topside. A naturally occurring substance, coir fibers are some of the most durable fibers found in nature. You can rest assured your mat will last for years to come and is safe for your home. It’s BPA-free and free of toxic chemicals.
  • /!\ WARNING: Prevent Falls - Ensure mat lies flat before using. Check floor manufacturer's directions before using to be sure doormat will not harm floor or deck surface or refinished surfaces.
  • VERSATILE: The beautiful and stylish (yet ultra-durable) natural design of the doormat means it’s so versatile! It’s ideal for all high-traffic areas of your home including entryways, mudrooms, patios and garages. It’s also water-resistant, but we recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to excess water. Because it’s made of coir fibers, the doormat is naturally resistant to mold and fungi, making it easy to care for. Occasionally shake, sweep, or brush out the mat as needed.
  • 10-YEAR GUARANTEE: If you are at all unsatisfied with your product, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with your choice of a replacement or refund. We stand by our products 100% and want our customers to love them as much as we do!

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