GORILLA GRIP Premium Ironing Board Cover
  • GORILLA GRIP DURABILITY: Get ready to meet the toughest cover on the block. Other covers move around or scorch easily. Not the Gorilla Grip ultra heavy duty, thickly padded and premium laundry board cover. Our pad will last a lifetime!
  • IRON FASTER WITH REFLECTIVE HEAT: Our ground breaking silicone surface reflects the heat of your iron so you achieve perfect, wrinkle-free clothes in a fraction of the time. It’s like having the iron heat on both sides of your clothing at the same time.
  • MORE SECURE: Focus more on your clothes and less on your cover moving. The edges of our cover feature a strong bungee-like elastic that helps to keep it in place on your board. Plus, there are two underside Velcro straps for even more protection.
  • GENEROUSLY SIZED AND EASILY TAILORED TO FIT A WIDE RANGE OF BOARDS: The 15 inch x 54 inch cover fits all standard sized ironing boards.  The elasticized edges help create the look of a custom cover for a perfect fit. Please note, ironing board not included.
  • 10 YEAR GUARANTEE: We are proud to offer a 10-Year NO QUESTIONS ASKED GUARANTEE. If you are at all unsatisfied with your product, please contact us & we will be happy to assist you. Our goal is to make our customers happy!
GORILLA GRIP Premium Ironing Pad
  • SLIP-RESISTANT AND NO BUNCHING: The Gorilla Grip Ironing Pad is made to stay in place! It includes six heavy-duty magnets embedded in its lining that easily attach to your washing machine or dryer for a convenient ironing surface after laundry. Plus, the premium, slip-resistant backing helps it to stay in place on other surfaces, like tables, countertops and vanities, so you can focus on your clothes (and not your ironing pad moving or bunching).
  • IRON ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Ironing has never been easier! Our lightweight pad replaces bulky and hard-to-maneuver ironing boards and makes nearly any surface somewhere you can iron! It’s the perfect option for small spaces and can be easily rolled or folded to fit neatly anywhere where space is limited, and can even be packed when traveling! Use in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or wherever else is easiest for you. And, at 24” x 28”, it’s a perfect size for clothing, linens, and more.
  • IRON FASTER WITH REFLECTIVE HEAT: Imagine being able to iron both sides of your clothing…at the same time. That’s the effect that the Gorilla Grip Ironing Pad has on your clothing! The innovative silicone surface of the pad easily reflects the heat from your iron, helping to give you perfect and wrinkle free clothes in no time.
  • GORILLA GRIP DURABILITY: Our ironing pad may be lightweight, but it’s more durable than others out there. Not only does it resist scorching and burning, but it also contains thick padding that helps protect your ironing surface as well as your clothing. Don’t waste time and money with other ironing pads; this pad will be the last one you need to buy.
  • 10 YEAR GUARANTEE: We are proud to offer a 10-Year NO QUESTIONS ASKED GUARANTEE. If you are at all unsatisfied with your product, please contact us & we will be happy to assist you. Our goal is to make our customers happy!
More sizes available
The Original GORILLA GRIP Smooth Drawer and Shelf Liners
  • SLIP-RESISTANT AND DURABLE: When you buy our Gorilla Grip Smooth Drawer Liners, you know that you’re getting a premium product! Our smooth drawer liners are constructed with a durable, non-adhesive grip bottom that is slip-resistant and helps to keep the liner in place. The smooth top layer makes it easy to slide everyday household items like dishware or glasses in and out of cabinets or drawers, helping to reduce slipping or bunching. Plus, our liners won’t rip or tear!
  • EVERYDAY PROTECTION FROM EVERYDAY LIFE: Life can be messy! That’s why the Gorilla Grip Smooth Drawer Liners are a gamechanger when it comes to protection from everyday messes and wear and tear. The liners help to protect your cabinets and drawers from accumulating stains and dirt. Use in your kitchen or laundromat without worry: the smooth top is perfect to help keep spills and crumbs contained. Or, use in a closet or workspace and help protect your shelves from dust and debris!
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS AND COLORS FOR ANY ROOM: Gorilla Grip offers the most choices when it comes to customizing your drawer liners. Choose from beautiful and classic patterns and designs that are a perfect fit for nearly any space in your home or office! Add some glam to your dining room with customizable place settings, or update your office shelves with a new print. And, our liners are non-adhesive, so when you’re ready to change the look of your room, our liners leave no residue once removed!
  • EASY USE AND CARE: Our smooth drawer liners come pre-cut in the most popular sizes for easy installation. But, if you would like unique sizes or shapes, the liners can easily be trimmed with a household scissor. Just place the liner down in your drawer or cabinet, measure and trim off any excess material. The liners are also easy to clean so you can keep them looking beautiful day after day. Simply remove from your cabinet or drawer, and clean with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • 10 YEAR GUARANTEE: Our liners come with a 10-Year No Questions Asked Guarantee! If you are at all unsatisfied with your product, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with your choice of a replacement or refund. We stand by our products 100% and want our customers to love them as much as we do!

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